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About Vivienne

MA Hons (King's College London); BSc Hons Psychology (University of Bristol); 

HG.Dip.P (Human Givens Post Graduate Diploma, Psychotherapy);

DHP Acc. Hypnotherapy; Certified in ILF Neurofeedback

Vivienne’s life was transformed by the practices she now uses in her therapy clinic.  After having studied a variety of techniques to lower her own stress levels and improve the quality of her life, she decided to help others with the knowledge she had gained.  She left a successful career as a teacher trainer to embark on a new journey that would see her, not only helping those in her therapy clinic, but reaching countless others with her books.   Her mission is to share what she knows so that others can benefit from these techniques and create lasting changes in their lives.

A breakthrough moment was when Vivienne realised she needed to move away from useless quick fixes and instead find tools and techniques that would create lasting and effective changes to her mental and physical well-being.

She believes that transformation comes from doing not just learning and therefore bespoke audio recordings are made and tools are given during therapy sessions so that her clients can be supported and guided to take action in between sessions.


Vivienne uses a range of evidence-based techniques, including guided visualisation, breath science, yoga nidra and self-hypnosis.  She is also trained in trauma therapy techniques such as the Rewind technique,  EMDR and ILF Neurofeedback.


You can read about these practices and more in her book Freedom from Anxiety in 5 Steps

What to expect from a session

Vivienne’s practical approach offers an effective framework to better understand how you are feeling and the possible causes behind it. Having a new perspective on your situation as well as an action plan, provides you with a much better chance of moving your life in the right direction and bringing about lasting change.  Each session is 90 minutes, which means there is sufficient time to explore difficult issues, create goals and use any tools and techniques mentioned above to begin the process of changing limiting beliefs and behaviours.

This therapy is skills-focused and in addition to being taught techniques, free audios are also provided to enable you to make positive lasting changes in the comfort of your own home so that fewer sessions are needed.  Vivienne’s aim is to help her clients feel a sense of hope that life can be different after the very first session. 

Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Relationships

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